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Strict sterilization and disinfection measures before and after treatment.

Waiting area

Please wait in the designated area after entering the store

Notice for entering the store

Please make sure to disinfect your hands after entering the store.

Keep distance

Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Hygiene Concept

Valid from 01.07.2022 -------------


Hygiene and Cleaning Plan for La Moin Berlin 

I) Basics

Hygiene is the "study of the prevention of disease and the maintenance, promotion and consolidation of health". Hygiene in the narrow sense refers to the measures taken to prevent the transmission of germs, especially cleaning and disinfection.


Cleanliness is an important part of the scope of hygiene. 

A preventive hygiene concept has already been taken into account in the design and equipment of La Moin Berlin.


For the entire treatment area, the basic rule must also be observed: No guest comes into contact in the treatment room with things with which another guest has already been in contact."


II) Separation of areas

The waiting area is clearly separated from the treatment area.


The treatment area is not to be entered with street shoes


Washing facilities with hot and cold water and soap, as well as disposable towels, are available in the restroom.



III) Furnishings and equipment

The covers of the treatment beds have a cover made of materials that do not promote germs and meet the requirements of the German Health Office. For treatment, each bed is completely covered with several fresh towels. These are washed after each treatment.



IV) Cleaning

At La Moin Berlin, the focus is not only on apparent cleanliness as a "feel-good factor", but especially on the elimination and prevention of germs:


1) Surface cleaning / disinfection.

We clean with MEDIZID RAPID disinfection wipes (DGHM-listed and VAH-certified). MEDZID RAPID wipes are bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal (incl. Mycobacterium terrae), limited virucidal and thus comprehensively effective against all enveloped viruses (BVDV/Vaccina, incl. HBV, HIV, HCV) as well as against Rota and Noro viruses. 


When using liquid disinfectants, please note:


Disinfectants used are approved. The recommended dosage, temperature and time of action must be observed. Additions for other purposes are prohibited.

Wiping liquids are used only once. After cleaning a maximum of 90 m², the wiping liquid must be replaced.

2) Textiles and auxiliary materials


The following aids may come into direct contact with customers:


Textiles: towels, cover cloths, floor mats

Auxiliaries: foot wash containers, herbal stamps

Clean, freshly laundered towels are used for each client. Towels are washed according to the cleaning schedule after each, even short, use on the client. Washing is always done with the disinfectant detergent ARIEL PROFESSIONAL PRO+ (VAH 

certified and RKI listed). Used equipment is cleaned and dried after each use and, if necessary, sprayed with MEDIZID RAPID disinfectant spray (DGHM-listed and VAH-certified).

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