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經過多年研究,md:ceuticals為醫療人員提供高效專業療程及日常護理產品,以協助病人獲得健康美麗的皮膚;透過最先進的革新配方,對抗現有主要的皮膚疾病 (膚色暗啞、皮膚老化、日光性皮膚損傷、皺紋……),並保護皮膚以面對未來的侵害。





Md:peel Treatments

Reveal new, healthier, brighter, younger-looking skin


Md:pharmaceuticals offers a variety of chemical peel treatments to improve skin texture and combat the major signs of aging.

Chemical peels are one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for repairing damaged skin, such as overexposure to the sun (sun damage), aging, and excess oil production, to restore smooth, soft, and youthful skin.


Md:peel Treatments accelerate the detachment of damaged cells from the epidermis to promote skin renewal, reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone, resulting in younger, finer, brighter skin.


Md:peel Treatments have been tested to give satisfactory results in a short period of time. md:peel is a completely safe, well-tolerated, minimal side effects and comfortable treatment.


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